Free image to video AI generator – Turn your old photos into video with Dream Machine

Transform Your Photos into Engaging Videos with Luma Lab's Dream Machine

Image to video AI generator – is one type of Generative AI that is capable of converting images into video.

Artificial Intelligence is such a technology that is getting better day by day and along with that our working time and efficiency are also improving a lot. Today in this article I will tell you how you can convert any photos into video easily for free by using Free image to video AI generator

If you have any photos, even if it is very old photos from that time when there is no concept of video even exist, you can convert them to video very easily. 

Any of your old photos with your mom or dad, family photos or even photos of some people who are no more, you can create a nice memory with those photos & generate video from those photos by using the FREE image to video AI generator. 

So let’s deep dive into this amazing image to video ai generator AI & learn step by step how to convert any image into video.

Although there are many platforms that can convert images to videos but the one that is currently available for free comes from Luma Labs, so in this article we will talk about it. How can you easily convert any photos into videos?

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How to Use Free image to video AI generator (Dream Machine)?

Step 1

Go to Luma Labs Dream Machine

Dream Machine is an AI model that makes high quality, realistic videos fast from text and images.

Step 2

Click on “Try Now” in the right corner.

Step 3

Click on “Sign in with Google” & use your Google account to sign up or sign in.

Step 4

Once you sign in, you can see a prompt box. 

Step 5.

Now let me tell you there are 2 ways you can generate video using this Free image to video AI generator 

  1. Text to Video- Under “Text to Video” you can type the prompt to get the video.
  2. Image to Video- Under this, you need to upload the image that you want to convert into a video and type the prompt -simply describe how you want the video out of this image.

Step 6

You can use the option “Extend” to make the video larger And can change the prompt style in every Extended version to get a better & creative output.

Few Prompt Style with Outputs for image to video AI generator

Prompt -create a video that person in the pic trying to adjust camera for a selfie. Extend Prompt -After taking a selfie walking with great smile and joy.
Prompt -human playing piano while robot helping and acting as teacher, Extend Prompt -Robot giving instructions to correct the rhythm

Once you create the final video from the image you can download & save it to your local device or share it on your social media profile.

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Drawback of Dream Machine’s Free Version

Luma Lab is providing Dream Machine – image to video AI generator for free, due to which you will see a watermark on its output, so if you want output without a watermark, then you will have to buy the premium version i.e. its subscription.

Is the image to video AI generator Copyright free and Legal?

Yes, it is copyright free and 100% legal unless you use someone’s photos or images to create a video out of it. Don’t use other’s images to create videos without their concern. Use your own photos or use Text to Image AI Generator to create your own creative image that you can convert into video using this Free image to video AI generator.

Will Free image to video AI generators replace Cameramen or Video Editors?

No, not at all there is no such technology or skill that ever exists to convert images to videos but Free image to video AI generator will help lots of video editors and cameramen to create better videos from images for their clients. This will enhance their efficiency and add another level of skill to their existing profile.

ChatGPT Can be used as an image to video AI generator?

No, ChatGPT can only generate text-based output, so it can’t generate video from image hence you can’t use chatGPT as image to video AI generator.

Is AI good for Image to video Generation?

Currently AI is the only option we have to Convert image to video. And Luma Labs Dream Machine is FREE to use as image to video AI generator.


Right now we are in such an era where we can do anything with the help of AI and it is becoming so powerful that anything can be possible with it, so the coming future is going to be very interesting. Now we know how we can convert our photos into videos for free with the help of Free Image to Video AI Generator. I hope that you will be able to convert your photos into videos easily and create interesting memories out of them.


1. What is Luma Labs Dream Machine?

Luma Labs Dream Machine is an AI-powered tool that converts images into videos. It uses AI models to generate high-quality, realistic videos based on input prompts and uploaded images.

2. What can I use Luma Labs Dream Machine for?

You can use Dream Machine to convert old photos or any images into videos. It’s ideal for creating memorable videos from family photos, historical images, or personal moments.

3. What are the steps to convert an image into a video using Dream Machine?

1. Upload your image to Dream Machine.
2. Describe how you want the video to be created using the prompt feature.
3. Use the “Extend” option if you want to make the video longer or refine the output further.
4. Download the video.

4. Is Luma Labs Dream Machine free to use?

Yes, Dream Machine offers a free version. However, videos created with the free version may have a watermark. To remove the watermark, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version.

5. Is it legal to use images for video creation using AI?

Yes, using your own images or those generated by a text to image AI is legal. Avoid using images that you do not have the rights to, as this could infringe on copyright.

6. Can Luma Labs Dream Machine replace traditional video editing and camerawork?

No, Dream Machine complements traditional video editing and camerawork by providing a tool for quick and efficient video creation from images. It enhances productivity and creativity but does not replace skilled human work.

7. What are the future implications of AI-powered image to video conversion?

AI advancements in image to video conversion are expected to continue improving, offering more creative possibilities and efficiencies in multimedia content creation.

8. Can I use ChatGPT for image to video conversion?

No, ChatGPT is designed for generating text-based responses and does not have the capability to convert images into videos. Dream Machine specifically focuses on image to video conversion using AI models.

9. How can I learn more about using Luma Labs Dream Machine?

Visit Luma Labs’ website for more detailed tutorials, updates, and resources on using Dream Machine for image to video conversion.

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