Create 100% Free Songs with AI Music Generator: A Guide to Using Udio for Music Generation and Earning Online

Discover how to create free songs using AI music generators like Udio. Learn step-by-step instructions, prompt tips, and monetization strategies

AI Music Generator – is one type of Generative AI that is capable of creating songs by itself.

As we can see, for the last few years, the market is completely dominated by AI and along with this, various types of AI applications are coming on the market, as we know ChatGpt is quite popular for content writing and in the same way, Microsoft’s CoPilot & Google Gemini are other popular AIs .

In today’s blog post, I will talk about how we can easily create any song for free with the help of AI Music Generator , whether it is Bollywood style, Hollywood style or rap song, we will see how can we generate any kind of song with the help of  AI Music Generator , along with this we will learn how we can earn some money by using this AI generated song.

Well, there are many AI music generator applications already available in the market, using which anyone can generate any kind of music,like Suno, loudly & udio. but the one I personally use is Udio, with the Udio, you can generate any kind of song in any voice, just to generate, you have to write a good prompt, only then it will generate a song for you.

Well, there is almost the same method of generating music in all the AI music generator applications, but in this blog, I will tell you by taking reference of the Udio, how you can generate song?

Check! These songs are generated from Udio

Steps to Generate AI song using Udio (AI Music Generator) 

Step 1

Go to Udio & Register for an account or simply login via following methods.

AI Music Generator

Step 2

In step two, if you want to generate a song, you will have to write a good prompt so that AI music generator can understand what to generate. For you, I have already given some prompt below, which you can use.

  1. hindi rap,style -new kanye ,male voice , topic – depression
  2. hindi trap rap ,style- bay area, Topic- anxiety in life ,music -high bass
  3. hindi song, bollywood style,topic- holi,music -classical

Prompt Style

To generate a song, you have to write a very clean and customized prompt. In this prompt, you can also mention in which voice the song is to be generated, male voice or female voice. And for more specific , if you want any particular age male or female voice, then you have to mention it further, like male voice of 26 year old.

Step 3

Genre Of Song

Along with this, you will also have to mention the genre of the song, like the genre of the song may be hip hop, jazz, pop, bollywood style , so you have to mention this type of genre. That’s mean you should have a good knowledge about the genre of the song so that you can generate music or you will get to see which genres can be generated in the prompt box, initially you can use this genre and experiment with it to learn more.

Step 4


Now you have 3 ways to get the lyrics of a song. First of all, you can write the lyrics on your own and along with that, you have another option that you can go to the chatGPT and write a prompt that what kind of lyrics you want to make, then ChatGPT will make it for you and lastly you can use the auto-generated lyrics in the udio itself.

But I can tell you from my personal experience that whenever I put any lyrics in the Udio which is generated by chatGPT or I write sometimes, then it is not able to make a song properly, but when I give the instruction to generate lyrics on its own i.e Auto-Genearated, then it generates very well song from it. So you can use Auto-Genearated option to generate lyrics by its own.

Important Guidelines (AI Music Generator)

A song of 30 seconds can be made at a time, after that if you want, you can use the extend option so that you can create a lengthy song .

you can only make a song of 30 seconds at a time, after that you can extend it for next 30 seconds and then you can again extend it for another 30 seconds, in this way you can make a long song and you can change the theme slightly in every 30 seconds to generate a more creative & unique song. You will have to experiment in a similar way so that you can understand the Udio better and get a better song in return.

How to Earn Money with AI Generated Song (AI Music Generator)

First of all, I would like to tell you that if you want to earn money with the help of an AI auto generated song, then I have some solutions for that. First of all, download the song you have made and after that you can upload it on YouTube and in return you can earn a lot from YouTube. Apart from this, you can also upload it on some streaming platforms like Spotify or JioSaavn, in return you will also get money and You can also use Facebook or similar platforms where content can be monetized.

In this way, you can upload your song on various platforms available online and earn money in return, but I cannot give you any guarantee that you will definitely earn money because it will depend on the quality of your song, how good a song you are making that people like, if people like it,then you will definitely earn.

Will AI music Generator replace singers?

AI can’t replace anyone, but by using AI and your creativity, you can enhance a song more efficiently in less time. This means AI helps humans to create songs more effectively and also saves costs thus increase the productivity.

Is AI (AI Music Generator) good for music?

It totally depends on your creativity, prompts, and knowledge of music. The better your input, the better the output from AI. AI saves time and can generate more human-like songs in any language almost instantly, making it a very powerful tool for song creation. However, the quality of the music output depends on the user’s input only.

Is AI music Copyright free and Legal?

Yes, absolutely. It’s you who is creating the song using AI. Just as musicians traditionally use instruments or software to create music, you are doing the same. The only difference is that your software is more powerful than conventional methods. Therefore, it’s copyright-free as well as legal.

Can ChatGPT generate music?

No, ChatGPT can only generate text-based output, so it can’t generate music. However, as we discussed, you can use ChatGPT to generate the lyrics of a song as you wish.

Can AI write a song?

Yes, definitely. AI can write songs or lyrics based on your prompt. You need to describe how you want your lyrics, basically providing the topic of the song as a prompt. Based on that, AIs like ChatGPT, CoPilot, and Gemini can complete the task in no time.


So in this blog we have seen how we can make an auto generated song with the help of AI in which I told you about the Udio in detail and told you how you can make a song on this platform, what all prompt you have to enter and what kind of songs you can make and in the end I discussed how you can earn money with these AI-generated songs, so I hope that you will use this platform and make the best songs out of it.


1.What is Udio?

Udio is an AI music generator application that allows users to create songs in various styles and voices by writing customised prompts.

2.How do I create a song using Udio (AI Music Generator) ?

To create a song using Udio, follow these steps:
1)Register for an account on Udio.
2)Write a detailed prompt specifying the voice, age, and style of the song.
3)Generate the lyrics using Udio’s auto-generated option for best results.
4)Use the extend option to create a longer song, adding new themes every 30 seconds.

3. What should I include in my prompt?

Your prompt should include:
1)The desired voice (male or female, and specific age if needed).
2)The style of the song (hip hop, jazz, pop, Bollywood, etc.).
3)Any specific details about the mood or theme of the song.

4. Can I use my own lyrics in Udio (AI Music Generator)?

Yes, you can use your own lyrics or generate them using ChatGPT. However, Udio’s auto-generated lyrics often give better results

5. How long can the songs be?

Initially, Udio generates a song of 30 seconds on giving a prompt. You can subsequently extend the song in 30-second increments to create a longer track.

6. How can I monetize my AI-generated songs?

You can monetize your AI-generated songs by
1)Uploading them to YouTube and earning from ads.
2)Uploading them to streaming platforms like Spotify or JioSaavn.
3)Using social media platforms like Facebook where content can be monetized.

7. Are there any costs associated with using Udio (AI Music Generator)?

You can use Free version of Udio. However, there might be premium features available at a cost for advanced functionalities.

8. Are there any other AI music generators similar to Udio?

Yes, other AI music generators include Suno, Loudly, and Soundraw.

9. Can ChatGPT generate music?

No, but you can use chatGPT to generate a lyrics of the song.

10. Is AI music legal?

Yes, you are acting as music director to generate a song using AI music generator which acting as singer,writer & composer. Remember without your instruction or prompt they can’t generate a single song.

11. Is AI good for music?

It totally depends on your creativity, prompts, and knowledge of music. The better your input, the better the output from AI.

12. Will AI replace singers?

AI can’t replace anyone, but by using AI and your creativity, you can enhance a song in a better way within less time.

13.Is there an AI generator for music?

Yes, there are many such AIs like Suno, Udio, Loudly, Soundraw, and many more.

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